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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who babysits your kids?

Back when I was a kid it seemed like parents would hire strangers to watch their kids pretty often.  Is that still happening?  I am definitely not comfortable with that.  As a result, my husband and I don't spend a lot of time without the kids.  We do work from home so there is that... I suppose we could go out for a date during the day, but nobody has birthday parties for us to go to during the day.  This month two friends are having birthday parties on two different days.  I'd love to go to both of them but there is nobody we can turn to and know they will watch the kids at the drop of a hat.  Sad when you consider how many family members we have.  One problem of ours is that my husband and I are relatively quiet so our relationships with family aren't close enough that we feel comfortable asking them to watch the kids.  Then there is the fact that we have 3 sets of grandparents alive and none of them are able to watch the kids.  Some with good reasons some with not so good reasons.  It's so frustrating having so many family in our lives and not really being able to turn to them for help.  Granted, some of the distance is attributed to my husband and I so I can only be angry with us.  Frustration still reveals itself when events we'd like to attend come up. 

I guess I'll look at it as only needing about 7 more years before I can leave the kids alone and go out without using a babysitter. 

So who babysits YOUR kids?  Do you use babysitters often?  I know parents that have date night at LEAST once a month and have no problems finding a sitter.


  1. We are similar to you - we do not have a babysitter. We don't have any family nearby - and both of us are completely uncomfortable with the idea of strangers watching our kids! That is one of the reasons I do a business from home. Our kids have been with us for every Valentine's Day and Anniversary so far!

    With that being said - we have exchanged about 2 days with some close friends who also have kids. As they get older - we will feel more comfortable with this for sure ...

  2. We don't have a babysitter. Our closest family lives 3 hours away so it is partially our fault, but still would be nice to go out sometimes. We do have a couple of friends that we trust to watch our kids, but feel bad to ask more than 1 time a year. My kids are now 7 & 9 you would think that I could get two sleepovers on the same night or something. The stars haven't aligned on that yet, but it is good time with one kid:) I enjoy being with the kiddos and hope to continue to be able to do so!!!

  3. My goal for the new year is to become more social so hopefully hubby and I will start to make new friends to do babysitting exchanges with. :-)

  4. Over here is different, we can get babysitter who we need to send over to their place, so only left night time after work that I can see my baby.