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Friday, January 7, 2011

iCarly iCe Cream party!!!

I've been planning my daughter's first birthday party with friends. The party is next weekend. I've gotten invitations designed by an online friend and love them. I'm including a copy of the invite and here is my friend's site. If you need anything customized let her know. She's awesome!!!

I'm hoping the great invitation it entices kids to come. Not that my daughter isn't liked by most, but if experience from a past birthday we attended is any indicator there will be low attendance. That would make me feel bad for Hannah.

Along with this being Hannah's first party, this is my first birthday party for kids.  As a result, I wanted to be sure I can keep them entertained.  My friend that provided the invitation design also gave me the idea of having the kids make their own ice cream.  I think that's a very unique idea and bet most if not all of the kids there haven't done this before.  Here's the ice cream recipe if you'd like to give it a try.

I ordered the iCarly party supplies tonight and they should be delivered early next week.  We can't wait!  I'll top off the theme with an iCarly cake.  I'll make a cake and decorate with iCarly pencil sharpeners that have iCarly photos on them.

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