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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fear of Failure

"Defeat is not the worst of failures.  Not to have tried is the true failure" George Edward Woodberry

How many opportunities have passed you by because of a fear of failure?  How many successes could have been celebrated if not for the fear of failure?  We live in a world of possibilities don't let fear keep you from taking advantage of them.

If fear ruled my life I wouldn't be a stay at home mom.  That is the thing I have wanted the most since I became a mom 7 years ago.  When my job was eliminated a few months ago I saw it as a new opportunity.  I embraced that change in my life and looked at it as my chance to start my own business.  Now I'm working with Internet CEO Moms.  I get to volunteer at my kids' school!  I don't have to worry about taking off of work for sick days, field trips, volunteer time, vacation days, or summer vacation for the kids.  I take off when I need to, not when my employer says it's "ok."  It's an incredible freedom that I so enjoy. 

My example of overcoming fear happens to use the case of me losing my job.  What about those of you that love working but you are in a job that isn't suited for you?  I have worked with people that  are undervalued and unappreciated that will stay in the same job until retirement simply because they are afraid to look for something new.  The excuses are losing their tenure or vacation time or they don't want to learn a new job.  They know their current job like the back of their hand... "why change?"  I don't know... maybe because you are miserable!!!  How is that affecting you?  Your family?  There are countless excuses for why people don't leave a job they hate.  Often the underlying reason is plain old fashioned FEAR.  Remember the saying "God won't give you more than you can handle" or "Everything happens for a reason."  You aren't meant to be at a job that makes you unhappy... take the plunge and start looking for something that will make you happy!!!

In looking at my situation, I lost my job the day after I was introduced to Internet CEO Moms.  I was going to think about the opportunity overnight.  When I lost my job the next day I immediately knew that I was supposed to take advantage of the Internet CEO Mom's opportunity.  I haven't looked back once!

What are you waiting for?  Tackle your fears instead of sitting back while life passes you by.

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