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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bedtime for little ones

Do you co-sleep?

I never thought of it as co-sleeping, but I suppose I did a bit of it. I think people that smoother their kids while co-sleeping have drugs or alcohol in their system. I rocked my first one until she would fall alseep so she wasn’t used to me not being there when she went to sleep. So when she moved to her toddler bed I would rock her and if she wasn’t sleeping yet I would lay down with her until she would fall asleep. Inevitably I would fall asleep with her and wake up two hours later to go to my own bed. Also while I was nursing much of the night was spent with my babies on the couch. I slept while they ate.

It could be just my kids' personalities but I wonder if sleep patterns early on help with the closeness you have with your child. My kids are very attached to me. In a healthy way I feel, but I appreciate that they wonder where I went two minutes after I left the room. Or that they want me to come with them when other kids would do things independently. I don't have to worry about them wandering too far off because they want to be close to me. I suppose there could be various reasons for this, but the early sleep patterns could play a role I believe.

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