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Friday, February 18, 2011

Social Marketing is alive and well. What would I like to see die? The sarcasm and “holier than thou” attitudes I see on so many message boards and blogs. Less experienced people come to the internet to get answers to their questions; they don’t need to fear the backlash of people that are knowledgeable on said topic. These people claim to be there to help. I say don’t bother answering a question if you can’t control yourself enough to give a civilized response. I’m tempted to provide an example, but I think any of us that surf the net and read comments have come across these crass individuals. Providing an example would only promote the site and the person that posts rude comments so I will refrain. I will, however, provide an example of a forum where I have experienced nothing but good things. It is a very supportive community of online sellers that learn from one another and don’t feel the need to be rude when they offer advice. It is a collection of people that are kind to one another and selfless in their offers of help and advice. The name of the site is The Selling Lounge: Where sellers help sellers. If you are looking for a community of supportive people stop by and check it out.

With the increased need to network for the sake of networking, don’t leave your heart at the door.


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